What are invisalign aligners and how does invisalign work?

What are invisalign aligners and how does invisalign work?

What are invisalign aligners and how does invisalign work?

  • Invisalign aligners are clear alternatives to traditional fixed metal/ train track braces. It uses novel computer generated technology with the latest artificial intelligence to assist planning in realignment of teeth when they are oddly placed such as in crowding or spacing cases.
  • There are several types of clear aligners on the market however, Invisalign having invested into it’s research and development is a well trusted brand for invisible braces and thus is by far the most used system at Martock Dental Practice.

What is involved in treatment with Invisalign ?

  1. Initial consultation- Upon initial inquiry, we would book you in to see our highly trained staff to do a 3D scan of your mouth and clinical photographs. We would then see you for a consultation at which stage you could fire away with any questions you may have. We can also run an ‘outcome simulation’ which would show an approximate picture of how your teeth could look like if you went ahead with Invisalign treatment.
  2. Clincheck- Once we are sure you qualify for treatment, we send away all your information to Invisalign to develop a ‘Clincheck’ which is like a video that outlines details such treatment times, where tooth coloured attachments would be placed, etc.,
  3. Aligner delivery- once the Clincheck is approved, we order for the clear aligners to be manufactured. On arrival of these, you be invited to come in for attachment placement (these are tooth coloured buttons that are placed onto your teeth and help anchor aligners to move your teeth into their new positions) and delivery of the first sets of aligners- these are usually changed once a week unless otherwise stated and we usually see you once every 4-5 weeks to keep track of progress and to give you your next set.
  4. Finishing- Once teeth have moved into their desired position, the attachments are removed and where required we would place fixed wire retainers. We then rescan your teeth for removable retainers to be manufactured. Removable retainers are as important as the main treatment itself if not more as the last thing we want is teeth moving back to their original malposition !

How much does Invisalign cost?

  • Depending on your individual case, costs for Invisalign treatment start from £2880. This is dependent on the complexity of the case and your dentist should be able to give you a more exacting cost. This would include all your teeth aligners, irrespective of the number of aligners needed or the time it takes to correct your malocclusion. A detailed treatment plan would be made available to you and any questions would be gladly answered by our experienced clinicians at Martock Dental Practice.

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I’ve been to many dental practices over the years but I was especially impressed by Martock Dental Practice. Lakshmi was very friendly, explained everything very well and I left feeling confident with the plan going forward. She also fixed my dental pain within the same appointment! The reception staff were polite and helpful too. All in all, it was a very positive experience.

Stuart Manstible-Cutlass

Really approachable friendly staff which put me at ease. Lakshmi explained everything she was doing and did not rush. Would definitely recommend.

Molly X

Martock Dental Practice provides a friendly and professional service with a warm welcome from all their lovely staff. Always helpful and flexible with appointments and times. Taking good care of my teeth and my children’s teeth for nearly 40 years. I highly recommend Lakshmi and her team.

Denna Spencer

A really lovely practice with a very friendly and caring team.
I was really impressed with the look of the practice.
Dr Manley communicated the nature of the work she was carrying out very clearly and completed it a calm and gentle manor. I have no qualms in highly recommending this practice and Dr Manley

Gary Manning

Was able to book an appointment quickly, treatment was done and completely pain free. I would highly recommend. Thank you

Craig Salisbury

I’ve had a couple of visits to the dentist recently having an extraction and replacement filling,my dentist Dooha is a lovely lady who gave me excellent treatment, I’m a nervous patient but Dooha gave me the confidence to sit there and have both treatments done, also the dental nurse was excellent as well, together they have made me feel confident to have any treatments if needed in the future.

Jo Moore

Today I had an extraction which was swift and painless. Immediately prior to the procedure, Dooha took time to talk about my tooth issue, and generally put me at ease- as much as one can be in the circumstances- which I much appreciated. The staff are always welcoming and helpful; we are very fortunate to have such a good dental practice here in Martock.

Jennifer Becker

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Frankie Kao
Frankie Kao

This theme @healsoul have more power than I think in the first place. It helps connect patients with potential doctor or caregiver.

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Doris Jones