Root Canal Treatments

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Treating infections at the centre of the Tooth

Root canal treatment is a form of dental treatment used to salvage teeth that have got an infection in or around the root of the tooth due to decay, injury or even gum disease.

At Martock Dental Practice, we have a team of skilled and experienced dentists who are trained in performing root canal treatments. Our dentists use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that the treatment is comfortable and effective.

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If your tooth is damaged, bacteria can get inside the root canal causing pain and swelling. Instead of tooth extraction, a root canal treatment removes the damaged pulp and treats the infection. Root canals are treatments for: 

  • Deep tooth decay
  • A cracked tooth
  • Advanced gum disease
  • Trauma, such as a blow to your mouth

If an infection is not treated, it can spread further and cause a dental abscess. Sometimes your tooth may look darker in colour than your other teeth, which means the nerve inside your tooth is dead or dying. Without treatment, the infection may spread further into your jawbone and we may need to remove your tooth.

A Root Canal procedure is completed under local anaesthetic; the tooth is isolated using a rubber sheet, called a dental dam, which protects the tooth from contamination and cleaning agents. The tooth is then carefully cleaned using specialised instruments and disinfectant solutions.

It is normal for the tooth and surrounding area to feel bruised after treatment, especially 3-5 days post-procedure. However, this can be managed using over-the-counter pain medication, such as Paracetamol and Ibuprofen. 

We make sure that adequate home care advice and precautions are given after restorative dentistry procedures, including pain management and eating advice.

Signs that you may need root canal treatment include:

  • Severe toothache
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks
  • Swelling
  • tenderness in the gums. 

If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to seek dental care immediately, as delaying treatment can lead to further complications.

It's a common misconception that Restorative dentistry, including root canal procedures, hurt. Our team takes every measure to minimise pain with a local anaesthetic. If you require more local anaesthetic, please let us know. We are all different and some people will need more of it! 

Taking a painkiller such as Ibuprofen an hour before your appointment can also help. 

Yes, of course you can! We'll give you advice depending on what type of filling. 

  • With a white/composite permanent filling, you can eat straight away.
  • Silver fillings take longer to set so we ask to avoid hard/sticky foods for the first 24 hours.
  • Other temporary dressings need a couple of hours to set and then you're ready to eat soft to semi-hard foods.

On average, a root canal treatment takes between 45 mins to an hour and a half.

Most root canal treatments can be completed in one appointment. Occasionally, you may need two or more appointments (particularly for stubborn infections).

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