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Dental Bridges

in Martock, Somerset

Replace missing teeth with a Dental Bridge

Dental bridges are a reliable fixed form of missing tooth replacement that utilise the support of adjacent teeth.

At Martock Dental Practice, we offer custom made bridge options. After a thorough assessment of your mouth and the supporting teeth for the bridge, we will design, prepare and fix the bridge to fill a missing tooth gap to your satisfaction.

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What types of Dental Bridges are available at Martock Dental Practice?

Few of the types available are:

  • Minimally invasive/ adhesive/ Resin bonded bridges. These are also called resin bonded bridges which uses a metal or a ceramic wing to sit on the adjacent supporting tooth to then replace the missing tooth.
  • Conventional varieties of bridges. These are made by shaping the adjacent supporting tooth in a precise manner to then receive a bridge to replace the missing tooth. These are slightly more invasive compared to the resin bonded variety.

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