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Oral Health Check

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Oral health is a mirror to your overall health

At Martock Dental Practice, we take utmost care to identify dental problems at the root cause with our Oral Health Checks. Treatments can then be started or prompt referrals to appropriate services.
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Dental caries screening

Our dentists would try and identify dental caries or tooth decay, before you are even aware of it to avoid further progression.

Oral Cancer screening

We carry out a thorough examination of your soft tissues including your hard and soft palates, pharynx and cheeks looking for any abnormal growths.

Gum disease screening

We thoroughly assess for any gum and periodontal disease. The prognosis as with any disease is better the sooner it is caught and dealt with.

We work in very close partnership with our highly trained hygienists who will help look after the health of your gums and the supporting structures underneath and give you plenty of advice to help with at home maintenance.

Anomaly Screening of the head & neck

We even make sure we visually examine your face, scalp and neck and physically examine your neck to rule out any abnormal lumps or patches.


Xrays help with not only diagnosis but also to catch dental disease such as caries before it surfaces up, as these may not always be visible to the naked eye. These are taken as needed with due consideration to your exposure.

Cosmetic Screening

We take great pride in helping our patients achieve the smiles that they want with plenty of options to choose from tooth whitening to tooth straightening.


We draw these up after your consultation with us so you know the costs involved at each step.

Jaw joint examinations

Temporo Mandibular Joints (TMJs) are thoroughly examined for any abnormal sounds such as a crepitus and any associated symptoms, which are then discussed and jaw joint advice and exercises are recommended for the symptoms to be alleviated.

Further Chance to clarify

We encourage open dialogue with our staff and patients and likewise any queries are promptly dealt with.

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