Martock Dental Practice is pleased to be able to offer advanced treatments such as Invisalign, Complex surgical extractions and Dental Implants by our experienced dentists with special interests in Implantology, Oral Surgery and Sedation, Dr Ewan Davidson and Dr Julia Farmer. Please try and give us as much information as possible so we can make the process as simple as possible for the patient.

Please see below for some of the referral criteria specifically aimed at cases that require sedation-

  • Patients must be fit and healthy so ASA 1 and 2. No airway compromises such as COPD, severe asthma, sleep apnoea or obesity.
  • BMI must be less than 35.
  • Anxiety or mild depression is ok but other psychological disorders are not.
  • If extensive treatment needs to be done it would mean splitting the treatment into several sedation sessions and avoiding any complex fillings/ root treatment to begin with (they will need referral to advanced sedation practitioners).
  • No needle phobics- It involves cannulation, usually in the hand or anti-cubital fossa
  • It may help with gag reflexes.
  • Any recreational drug use? To avoid sedating anyone who’s a regular cannabis user as they can have a paradoxical effect or aggression.
  • The patient must have an adult escort to come with them to the pre op appointment and the actual appointment and stay with them for the next 24 hours. The escort is responsible for that person. The patient cannot look after dependents, drive, operate machinery or work the next day. The escort cannot also look after the patient and their dependents. They must be solely responsible for the patient.

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