October 2023


October arrives with a Chilly Blast!

We hope you and your loved ones are keeping well and prepared for the upcoming cold weather.

October at Martock Dental Practice

At Martock Dental Practice, we are delighted to say we have expanded with the addition of a new fourth downstairs surgery. This would enable us to cater better for our patients who are in wheelchairs or cannot manage the stairs.

Welcome to the Team!

Jayne Specialist Paediatric Dentist martock somerset
Dr Jayne Owen
Children’s Specialist Dentist
Efstratios oral surgery martock Somerset
Dr Dr Efstratios Mylanos (Stratos)
Dentist with a special interest in Oral Surgery
Leanne stewart - qualified dental nurse in Martock
Leanne Stewart
Qualified Dental Nurse

Introducing Dr. Stratos Mylanos 

Efstratios oral surgery martock Somerset

Dr. Stratos Mylanos comes from a rich family tradition of dentists in Greece, which likely significantly inspired his career choice. He began his journey in dentistry by qualifying in Slovakia in 2017.

After completing his undergraduate dental training, Dr. Mylanos pursued his postgraduate studies in Oral Surgery at the University of Plymouth. This advanced training has equipped him with specialised skills and knowledge in the field of oral surgery, which encompasses procedures such as extractions and complex surgical cases.

Following his academic pursuits, Dr. Mylanos served in the Greek military as a dentist. This experience has exposed him to various dental and oral health issues military personnel face. He then worked as a civilian dentist in Thessaloniki, applying his skills to provide dental care to the general public.

Dr Mylanos developed a particular interest in oral surgery, which led him to spend a significant proportion of his career treating complex surgical cases. He also became a referral point for general dentists seeking expertise in oral surgery. 

Additionally, he has worked as a clinical supervisor at Peninsula Dental School. By teaching undergraduate students, he has been contributing to future dentists’ development and staying updated on the latest developments in oral surgery.

Dr. Mylanos is pursuing a further postgraduate qualification in Dental Implantology from the University of New York. Dental implantology is a rapidly evolving field that focuses on replacing missing teeth with implants. This additional qualification will enhance his capabilities in offering cutting-edge dental solutions to his patients.

He is now accepting referrals for difficult extractions such as teeth with long, curved or bulbous roots and wisdom teeth.

Outside of his professional life, Dr. Mylanos is a family man living with his wife and young daughter! He also takes a keen interest in running, skiing, and sailing.

Martock dental Pratice Halloween advice

Beware of Halloween Sweet Treats! 

As tempting as it can be for little ones to go trick or treating and enjoying their sweets, it is important to make sure we keep it as healthy as possible for them, some helpful tips are down below:

  • Try giving out chocolate instead of boiled or chewy sweets! Treats as chocolate does not stick to teeth as much as chewy sweets.
  • Try collecting all the sweets and have a dedicated ‘treat time’. Kids can enjoy their treats at the same time, as the last thing we would want is for them to snack on them an entire day!
  • Try having them straight after a meal and avoid having them as an in-between meal snack
  • Do not brush straight after- however, if you felt the need to, make sure you at least have a 30 minutes gap between eating something sweet and brushing your teeth
  • Make sure you DO NOT drink or rinse off the fluoride toothpaste after brushing for at least for an hour after brushing.

Enjoy this fun time and stay warm! Contact our team with any Dental enquiries.

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