Dental examinations are a thorough examination of your whole mouth, including an assessment of your soft tissue and gum health. New patients registering with us may require radiographs at an additional cost.

New Patient Consultation £60.00
Routine Examination £42.00
X-Rays (Per Film) £12.00

Most adults have some form of gum disease, this can  affect the tissues that support the teeth and hold them in  place as well as your systemic health. Our Hygienists can  assess, treat and monitor your periodontal health and  help you maintain a high standard of oral hygiene by  removing any plaque and calculus. Our Hygienist will also  show oral hygiene techniques to assist you at home.

Dental Hygiene Visit £70.50
Extensive Periodontal Treatment  £435.60
Airflow Polishing Addtional £15

Once decay has been removed your Dentist will protect  the tooth by placing a filling into the prepared cavity.  There are different types of filling materials and it can  depend of many factors as to which material is the most  suitable.

Amalgam (silver filling) From £101.60
Composite (white filling) From £138

We try our hardest to save a tooth however when this is  not possible an extraction may be recommended. There  are many options on replacing missing teeth such as,  implants, bridges or denture and your Dentist can discuss  the suitable options with you.

  • Simple extraction                                                  £142
  • Surgical extraction                                                £195.80
  • Extraction with surgeon                                        £175
  • Surgical extraction with surgeon                           £250
  • Surgical Wisdom tooth extraction with surgeon   £350
  • Consultation with surgeon                                     £75

A crown, also known as a cap, completely covers a tooth  and restores its natural appearance and functionality.  There are many different materials that can be used, your  Dentist will advise a material that best suits you. Dental  bridges are a fixed option for replacing one or more  missing teeth using your adjacent natural teeth.

Crowns From £632.50
Conventional bridge (per unit) From £665.30
Resin Bonded Bridge From £661

A denture is a removable appliance that can be used to  replace one or more missing teeth, restore natural  appearance and tooth functions.

Full acrylic From £863.20
Partial acrylic From £606.40
Partial Chrome From £810.30

Mouthguards are custom made devices which fits snug over your teeth, cushioning them and protecting them from damage. They are usually worn during contact sport or to minimize the damage to teeth caused by grinding or clenching.

Mouthguard From £120
Sports guard £100*
For more than one design *Additional £10

Root canal treatments are a complex treatment which  involves the removal of the dead pulp within the tooth. The tooth is then filled using a filling material to seal the  nerve cavity and prevent it from becoming re-infected.

Molar From £476.90
Premolar From £374.20
Incisor From £299.10

Implants are titanium posts which are surgically placed  into the jawbone to aid with the replacement of missing  teeth. Implants are a fixed long term alterative to  dentures & bridges. They can be used to replace single or  multiple missing teeth and do not affect adjacent teeth. 

The below consultation charge is deducted from your  treatment plan should you wish to proceed with the  treatment

Implant consultation £75
Implants From £2500

Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment which uses clear  aligners to move the teeth. This orthodontic treatment is  removable allowing you to eat and clean your teeth as  normal. Invisalign was established in 1997 and has had  over 8 million cases.  

The below consultation charge is deducted from your  treatment plan should you wish to proceed with the  treatment.

Invisalign consultation Refundable £20 booking fees
Invisalign From £2880

This tooth whitening treatment can be performed from  home, allowing you to complete the treatment at a  convenient time for you. Custom made whitening trays will be constructed and fitted. This treatment allows you  to whiten to your satisfied shade. 

Top up whitening gel can be purchased from the practice under the supervision of a dentist.

Tooth whitening £350.00
Review appointment £35
Recement of crown £55
Denture repair From £65

Out of hours emergency treatment and advice is provided  on a rota basis along with other Dental practices within  the local area. If you require this service, please call  Martock Dental Practice and listen to the answerphone  message.  

There is a call out charge of £185 not including any  treatment which is required. 

Please note if you are a patient paying our monthly payment plan this charge is covered by the Worldwide Assistance Scheme.

Please be aware there will be no charges for appointment cancellations with more than 48 hours notice.

Payment Plans

We also offer patients a range of treatments and can help you spread the cost of procedures with our finance options.