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The Martock Dental Practice, 13 Church Street, Martock, Somerset, TA12 6JL  •  Tel: 01935 823040  •  Email: reception@martockdental.co.uk

In the table below you will find our fee guide for all the treatments we provide at The Martock Dental Practice.

These prices are only guides, and you will receive a full treatment plan before any work commences.

0% finance available, for more information.
Fees correct as of 1st June 2018
  Preventative Treatments
   New Patient Consultation    65.00
   Routine Examination    33.00
   X-Rays (Per Film)    6.00
  Hygiene Appointments
   Standard Hygiene Visit    53.00
   Prolonged Periodontal
   from 98.00
  Restorations (Depending on tooth size)
   Amalgam (silver filling)    from 80.00
   Composite (white filling)    from 118.00
   Review Appointment    from 40.00
  Additional Treatment
   Extractions    from 118.00
   Crowns and Bridges    from 484.00
   Root Canal Treatment
   (not including fillling)
   from 214.40
   Dentures    from 660.00